Laird Wireless Automation and Control

Laird’s Wireless Automation and Control Solutions have helped prevent serious injury while increasing efficiency and productivity by allowing machine operators to move to a safer, more efficient location. These products have been used by mining, railway, Electrical Overhead Traveling (EOT) crane, wind power and a variety of other material handling operators for over 65 years.

In November 2010, Laird acquired Cattron Group International, including Cattron-Theimeg, and the group now operates as the Wireless Automation and Control Solutions of Laird. The addition of Cattron-Theimeg’s renowned solutions for locomotives, mining and building applications has strengthened Laird into an industry leader for industrial radio control systems.

The group is one of the largest global manufacturers of industrial radio remote controls with over 7,000 customers in 46 locations in 16 countries. 

In the international railway industry, Laird is the market leader in the locomotive sector with its radio control systems. The addition of the latest radio control system: TH-EC/LO builds upon the company’s success. The TH-EC/LO is the first radio control system for locomotives in the world that has been developed and manufactured to conform to the European Safety Standards EN 50239.

About Laird

Laird is a global technology business focused on enabling wireless communication and smart systems, and providing components and systems that protect electronics. Laird operates through two divisions, Wireless Systems and Performance Materials.

Wireless Systems solutions include antenna systems, embedded wireless modules, telematics products and wireless automation and control solutions.  Performance Materials solutions include electromagnetic interference shielding, thermal management and signal integrity products.

Leading the industry

As a leader in the design, supply and support of innovative technology, our products allow people, organisations, machines and applications to connect effectively, helping to build a world where smart technology transforms the way of life. Custom products are supplied to major sectors of the electronics industry including the handset, telecommunications, IT, automotive, public safety, consumer, medical, rail, mining and industrial markets.

Providing Value

Providing value and differentiation to our customers through innovation, reliable fulfilment and speed, Laird PLC is listed and headquartered in London, and employs over 9,000 people in more than 58 facilities located in 18 countries.