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The IFD 3230 consists of a base station and up to 15 mobile units. The data sent from the base station is received by all the mobile units, each automatically verifying the data and processing if applicable.

This wireless data transmission system has been used successfully in marshalling yards, where the pushing and shunting of locomotives is not automated, but is manually done by the locomotive operator who receives from the signal box the desired speed, which is displayed on his mobile unit.

Standard Model:

approx. 1.5 km (unobstructed)
Current Consumption:
max. 320 mA
Supply Voltage:
12V/24V DC
RS232 or RS422/RS485
8 Data Bits, no Parity, 1 STOP Bit
9600 Baud Mobile Unit / 19200 Baud Base Station
Frequency Range:
400 MHz bis 470 MHz (70cm Band)
Channel Spacing:
20 KHz
Transmission Rate:
RF Output Power:
300 mW at 50 Ohm
The IFD 3230 is available as unidirectional or bidirectional version.