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The LRC-S1, part of the CattronControl™ family, is a compact operator control unit for cranes, lifting equipmentand a diverse range of machines. The LRC-S employs advanced dual processor electronics and safety critical software, protected in an ergonomic and robust housing that is well suited for use in aggressive industrial environments.

The LRC-S features an external RFID Transkey™ for simple unit configuration. This allows facilities to quickly deploy spare units by simply swapping the RFID Transkey between the operating unit and a spare, downtime and spares holding are minimized.

Three or four stepped or step-less functions can be controlled with its high reliability joysticks. The membrane is fully configurable for momentary or maintained switch functions, each switch has an associated switch state LED.
Also one multi-mode A-B selector switch can be used for hoist or similar selection.

With its small size, this controller is ideal for operation in more confined environments and operators have even greater freedom of movement. It’s lighter weight means operators will hardly notice the LRC-S when it is worn for extended periods of time.

This may be the ideal controller for those wishing to have a more compact controller format, but not wanting to go to a less flexible push button controller format.


  • For control of cranes and machines with digitaland/or analog drive systems
  • Graphic LCD and LEDs for status and feedback
  • IP65 housing made of high impact-resistant polycarbonate resin for tough indoor or outdoor environments
  • Control of up to four motions with two multi-axis joystick controllers
  • Optional force/angle safety feature
  • Tandem and multi-transmitter and/or -receiver operation
  • CE compliant


All systems features

  • High safety-class through redundant hardware and software architecture
  • Suited for applications requiring EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level d
  • Approvals and frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • Application-specific transmitter layout
  • Compatible with a number of receiver units, featuring various interface options
  • System configuration via easy accessible TransKey